"Galois Theory and Modular Forms"

September 25 --- 29, 2001
Tokyo Metropolitan University
International House

Ki-ichiro Hashimoto (Waseda U.), Hiroaki Nakamura (TMU.)

* Supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
[(B)(1) 11440013, Katsuya Miyake]

September 25 (Tue)

Ken Ono (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison): 
"Coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms"

Masanobu Kaneko (Kyushu Univ.):
"On certain modular forms arising from a differential equation 
 of hypergeometric type"

Michael Dettweiler (Univ. of Heidelberg)
"On some l-adic representations coming from geometry"

Yuichi Rikuna (Waseda Univ.):
"Explicit constructions of generic polynomials 
for some elementary groups"

September 26 (Wed) 10:30-11:30 Scott Ahlgren (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): "Modular forms and congruences for the partition function" 11:45-12:45 Hidenori Katsurada (Muroran Institute of Tecnology) "Special values of the standard zeta functions of modular forms" 3:00-4:00 Hyunsuk Moon (Kyushu Univ.): "On the nonexistence of certain Galois extensions" 4:15-5:15 Masafumi Imaoka, Yasuhiro Kishi (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.): "A certain relation between dihedral extensions and Frobenius extensions"
September 27 (Thu) 10:30-11:30 B.Heinrich Matzat (Univ. of Heidelberg): "The Differential Abhyankar Conjecture" 11:45-12:45 Yoshiyuki Kitaoka (Meijo Univ.): "On the distribution of units in Galois extensions over Q" [Afternoon session is free]
September 28 (Fri) 10:30-11:30 Masato Kuwata (Kanagawa Institute of Technology) : "Mordell-Weil group of an elliptic curve and Galois extensions" 11:45-12:45 Armand Brumer (Fordham Univ.): "Existence and non-existence results for curves of low genus" 3:00-4:00 Takehito Shiina (Tohoku Univ.): "Regular Galois Realizations of PSL_2(p^2) over Q(T)" 4:15-5:15 Ki-ichiro Hashimoto (Waseda Univ.): "On Noether's problem for A_n (tentative)" [5:30-- Party]
September 29 (Sat) 10:30-11:30 Hiroshi Ito (Kanagawa Univ.): "Some results concerning cubic Gauss sums and elliptic functions" 11:45-12:45 Hiroaki Nakamura (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.): "Dedekind sums, free differential calculus and anabelian geometry" 3:00-4:00 Masanori Morishita (Kanazawa Univ.): "Analogies between knots and primes, 3-manifolds and number fields" 4:15-5:15 Shinichi Mochizuki (RIMS, Kyoto Univ.): "On the anabelian geometry of p-adic local fields"
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